Chakra Cleansing

Chakra Cleansing

The human body contains pools of unlimited and yet contained energy centers that exert a profound influence upon their psychological qualities, in addition to determining the functioning of the major organs that each of these energy centers are specifically associated with according to their position in the body. The Sanskrit word for these energy centers is Chakra, which translates into ‘wheel’, and it stands for the way these centers function to create vortexes that actively absorb and give out energy. Thus, it becomes essential for the chakras to function properly to ensure that there is a healthy exchange of energy between any individual and their surroundings. However,, this may not always be possible because much like clogged drains, the chakras can also get clogged, or even become overactive like leaking water pipes. None of the aforementioned two situations is desirable, and thus it becomes essential to opt for Chakra Cleansing processes to ensure their proper functioning.


The seven main chakras that are present in the body according to the Hindu/Buddhist traditions are the

  • The Muladhara (Root) Chakra
  • The Svadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra
  • The Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra
  • The Anahata (Heart) Chakra
  • The Visuddhi (Throat) Chakra
  • The Ajna (Third Eye) Chakra
  • The Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

The secret to a successful session of Chakra Cleansing lies in understanding the underlying problem, which is causing blockage to the natural flow of energy. However, often times many individuals try to control the overactive chakras, which is not advisable because most of the time these are trying to compensate for the inactive chakras. Thus, making sure that all the chakras are functioning to their optimal level is the best way to seek balance between them.



Cleansing the Root Chakra

Cleansing Root Chakra

The Root or Red Chakra plays an indispensable role in making people feel comfortable in their surroundings, and the best way to open it is by making the body more active by doing yoga, going for a walk, and even performing simple household chores. Being in close contact with the ground can also help in feeling more confident, while meditating and chanting the sound ‘LAM’ can help in relaxing and Chakra Cleansing. While meditating, visualizing a closed red flower chakra symbol that opens slowly to radiate energy can help in making this exercise even more effective.



Cleansing the Sacral Chakra

Cleansing Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is closely associated with feeling and sexuality, and its proper functioning is essential for making a person feel passionate and affectionate. Chakra colors cleansing is essential in people who tend to be impassive and unemotional, and the most effective way is to sit on ones knees and mediate while trying to concentrate on the sacral bone, which is intimately associated with this chakra. While meditating, chanting the sound ‘VAM’ can help in relaxing which is essential for being able to focus clearly upon the significance of this chakra and it role in one’s life. This is bound to endow individuals practicing it with a sense of chakra clearing and open up their closed chakra.



Cleansing the Navel Chakra

Cleansing Navel Chakra

The proper functioning of the Navel Chakra is essential to allow individuals to live with confidence and dignity, and to be able to be decisive in their approach. In order to open blocked a Navel Chakra, which leads to impassiveness and indecisiveness, sitting on the knees and with a straight back and focusing on the chakra, while joining fingers that point away is an effective measure. Silently chanting the word ‘RAM’ while thinking about what this chakra stands for can help in ensuring an extremely effective Chakra Cleansing session. This method can help in opening blocked Navel Chakra and endowing individuals with newfound confidence and dignity in life.



Cleansing the Heart Chakra

Cleansing Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra plays a crucial role in ammeters related to love, compassion, and endearment, and any blockage in the flow of energy through this chakra can lead to a person becoming cold and unfriendly. The Chakra Cleansing process for this chakra includes sitting cross-legged, and joining the finger and thumb, and then bringing the right palm in front of the heart. Concentrating on the significance of this chakra, and silently chanting ‘YAM’ can help in relaxing and developing a feeling of cleanliness intensifying inside the body.



Cleansing the Throat Chakra

Cleansing Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra plays an indispensible role in allowing any person to be self-expressive, with its improper functioning leading to a lack of communicative skill or being a habitual liar. The Chakra Cleansing ritual consists of sitting on the knees and crossing the fingers while the thumb touches at the top. At the same time silently chanting ‘HAM’ and thinking about the chakra and its function, while relaxing the body can help in intensifying a ‘clean’ feeling inside the body. This will help in removing any blockage in the chakra and allow energy to flow in an unimpeded fashion.



Cleansing the Third Eye Chakra

Cleansing Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra renders people with a keen insight, and its proper functioning allow them to dream big and aspire to fulfill them. Any blockage to this chakra leads to people becoming overly dependent on others to think for them. The Chakra Cleansing process includes sitting cross-legged, and concentrating on the position of this chakra which lies a little above the central point between the two eyebrows. Allowing the body to relax naturally, and chanting ‘AUM’ (or ‘OM’), while focusing upon the significance of this chakra is bound to bring about a feeling of cleanliness, and help in removing any blockages to this chakra.



Cleansing the Crown Chakra

Cleansing Crown Chakra

The most spiritual of all the chakras, proper functioning of the Crown Chakra is essential for ensuring blossoming of wisdom and the ability to feel one with the creator and all His creation. The Chakra Cleansing ritual for this chakra include sitting cross-legged, and then laying the hand on the stomach with the little fingers touching at the tops while pointing away from the individual, and the rest of the fingers in a crossed position with the left thumb underneath the right one. Meanwhile, chanting the sound ‘OM’ (or ‘AH’) and concentrating on the significance of this chakra at the very top of the head will help in curing any of its supposed malfunctioning.



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