Chakra Meanings

Chakra Meanings

The Chakras are the vital energy centers in the body, which even though not almost all the Western school of thoughts and sciences acknowledge because of its physically unquantifiable nature, but it plays an important role in Eastern philosophy and health sciences. In fact, the chakras play an indispensable role in the life of any individual, and determine to a huge extent the character of a person, as well as, their destiny and success in life. Thus, it becomes essential that individuals become as much aware as possible about all the chakra meanings because it will help them better analyzing the functioning of their different chakras and take remedial measures to counteract any perceived imbalances.
Chakra colors
Among all the chakras or important energy centers in the human body, seven are of primary importance because of crucial places they occupy in the body. Moreover, these seven charkas have deep connection with various crucial organs in the body, and any sort of imbalances in them usually produces disturbances in the functioning of those organs, and in turn incapacitate the concerned person from being true to their potential. The seven chakras that are of primary importance are:
Chakras in the body

  • Root Chakra (located at the last bone in spinal cord i.e. coccyx)

  • Sacral Chakra (area of the female ovaries / male prostate)

  • Solar Plexus Chakra (area around the navel)

  • Heart Chakra (area around the heart)

  • Throat Chakra (area around the throat and neck)

  • Third Eye Chakra (pineal gland, third eye)

  • Crown Chakra (Top of the head)

Thus, it is quite apparent that each of these seven chakras have profound influence upon critical organs of the human body, and their proper functioning is essential to ensure that the concerned person is able to lead a healthy and productive life. Thus, it becomes essential to gain maximum insight into the chakra meanings to be able to understand their working and impact of individuals.



Root Chakra Meaning

Understanding the Root Chakra Meanings is important because this is the most rooted of all chakras, and has profound connection with the family, and inherited belief of individuals. This chakra is concerned with the feeling of self-preservation, as well as, the sense of identity of individuals. While proper functioning of this chakra will help people in connecting with their family and loved ones, imbalances will give rise to a sense of anxiety regarding relations, and an inability to let go of people or providing them with enough space. Associated health issues for any blockages of this chakra include joint pain, obesity, lower backache, constipation, and poor immune system among others.



Sacral Chakra Meaning

The Sacral Chakra has profound influence upon the reproductive organs of the human body. Therefore, gaining a better understanding about the Sacral Chakra Meanings can help in understanding the sexual, creative, wealth, and relationship related aspects of any individual’s life. Negativity associated with this chakra can make it difficult for the concerned individuals to thrive in relationships, and experience pangs of jealousy, as well as, acts of control, betrayal, and power plays. Health issues associated with blockages of this chakra color include sexual problems, impotence, problems to uterus or bladder, lower back pain, sciatica, lack of flexibility, and problems in the large intestines.



Solar Plexus Chakra Meaning

The Solar Plexus Chakra plays the most important role in maintaining fine balance between the upper and lower three charkas, which is essential for ensuring a sense of self-esteem and confidence necessary for leading a successful life. Thus, getting a better Solar Plexus Chakra Meaning will help in gaining a keener insight in the awareness about personal power. This chakra symbols makes an individual receptive of warmth and emotions, while blocks in it lead to lack of tact and confidence in dealing with others, as well as, aloofness, and low self-esteem. Associated health issues for an inactive Solar Plexus Chakra include low energy, nervousness, diabetes, and liver disorders among others.



Heart Chakra Meaning

The Heart chakra acts as the integrator of all the other charkas, and its good health is essential for possessing a loving and caring nature. The Heart Chakra Meanings is bound to help individuals in understanding the importance of keeping their heart open to love and forgiveness, as well as, allowing their emotions to surface and falling in love with others and themselves. On the other hand, a malfunction of this chakra will make any person feel bitter and a general lack of forgiveness and compassion. Associated health issues for this chakra when blocked include high blood pressure, disorders of the heart, circulatory problems, breathing difficulties, and chest pains among others.



Throat Chakra Meaning

The Throat Chakra plays a crucial role in enabling any individual to be able to communicate properly and express their thoughts through speeches and more. A clear understanding of Throat Chakra Meanings helps in getting a better insight into its importance in providing the capacity to air ones thought properly and resonate with truth. On the other hand, any blockage in this chakra leads to a suppression of expression of thoughts and emotions, as well as creative instincts. Health issues related to this chakra not functioning include disorders in the throat, voice, ears, neck, and cervical spine, as well as, fever, ear infections, and thyroid problems among others.



Third Eye Chakra Meaning

The Third Eye Chakra plays an integral role in rendering the intuition and wisdom to witness and appreciate manifestation of divinity in various forms. The Third Eye Chakra Meanings allow individuals to understand the importance of this chakra is enabling them to become more imaginative and reflect upon every reflection they receive from the outer world. Thus, any blockage in it leads to lack of imagination and general indifference, as well as, delusion and poor concentration. Individuals tend to lose their ability to become focused and to appreciate any form of divine wisdom, and instead lead a mundane existence. Other health issues related to the Third Eye Chakra not functioning include headaches, decreasing imagination, mood disorders, fatigue, and poor memory among others.



Crown Chakra Meaning

Gaining a better understanding of Crown Chakra Meanings is important because of the profound impact it exerts upon the connection between man and his creator, which acts as the life force urging individuals to move forward in life. Thus, any blockage in it leads to a growing sense of senility and confusion, as well as, acute depression and lack of endeavor and inspiration. Moreover, an overly active Crown Chakra can lead to addiction to spiritual thoughts and actions, as well as, over-intellectualization. Associated health issues when this chakra is blocked include brain tumors, coma, and disorders of nervous and muscular system, mental issues, and migraines among others. Takings a handy chakra test may reveal these blockages.



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