Chakra Symbols

Chakra Symbols

The chakras are the primary energy centers in the subtle body, which act as the portals for the exchange of energy between individuals and the cosmos. These chakras play a critical role in deciding the character traits of a person, as well as, the functioning of the major organs in the physical body. Therefore, any impediment in the flow of energy through any of these chakras can have a lot of undesirable effects on the person concerned. Understanding the various chakra symbols often proves to be highly effective in helping concerned individuals in focusing more resolutely upon them and cure any perceived imbalances or malfunctioning.



Root Chakra Symbol:


The Root Chakra Symbol is the four red petals that are square in shape with a down-facing triangle. This is the most rooted of all the chakra symbols, and its bright red color endows people with energy and vitality. The gemstones associated with this chakra include ruby, lodestone, smoky quartz, garnet, onyx, hematite, red jasper, bloodstone, jet, and obsidian. The associated element is earth and its proper functioning allows individuals to feel grounded and secured about the territory they possess. It also allows them to be generally trusting of other people and be able to enjoy great health and prosperity.



Sacral Chakra Symbol:


The Sacral Chakra Symbol consists of a Six-petal lotus with the circle also containing a crescent moon. This chakra symbols primary control the flow of feelings and sexuality in any individual, and its proper functioning is essential to make them comfortable with their own feelings and sexuality. The gemstones closely associated with this chakra include the likes of coral, carnelian, jacinth, and agate, while the element associated with it is water. The characteristic charka color is orange, and this chakra functions to enable individuals to be able to success in forging close relationships and companionship sin their adult life.



Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol:


Manipura ChakraThe Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol is the lotus flower with ten petals, while the circle also contains a down-facing triangle. This chakra symbols is all about endowing sufficient feeling of self-esteem and dignity in individuals to enable them to hold their own while engaging with large social groups. The gemstones that enjoy association with this chakra include amber, quartz, topaz citrine, and tiger-eye, while its familiar element is the fire. In fact, the radiant yellow color, which is the chakra color, suits well the function of this chakra. Proper functioning of this chakra is essential for ensuring vitality, strength of will, and self-confidence in any individual.



Heart Chakra Symbol:


Anahata ChakraThe Heart Chakra Symbol consists of a twelve-petaled lotus, along with the circle containing two intersecting triangles as well. This chakra symbol has a direct effect on the vital organ, the heart, while its proper functioning is also essential for rendering empathy and compassion in man/women. Moreover, this chakra enables people to develop harmonious relationships with others. The chakra color for it is emerald green, and the associated gemstones include the likes of emerald, rose quartz, and tourmaline. The color green symbolizes vitality and sign of new growth in any person, as well as, an open and friendly nature.



Throat Chakra Symbol:


The Throat Chakra Symbol is that of a lotus with sixteen petals, along with a down-facing triangle inside the circle, with the triangle containing a smaller circle within it as well. Its chakra symbols are all about enabling any individual to be able to communicate properly, and be able to express their thoughts and philosophies to the others. Its chakra color is sky blue, which reflects its effects on the creativity of any person, while the associated gemstones are turquoise, lapis lazuli, green aventurine, and chrysocolla. The associated element of this chakra is sound, and it can help any person in enjoying excellent communicative skills.



Third Eye Chakra Symbol:


Ajna ChakraThe Third Eye Chakra Symbol is the lotus flower with two petals along with a down-facing triangle present inside the circle. The primary function of this chakra symbols is to endow individuals with the ability of insight, as well as, enhanced visualization of everything in their vicinity that renders them highly intuitive. The characteristic chakra color for it is usually indigo, or even midnight blue, while the associated element is light. The associated gemstones include lapis lazuli, blue sapphire, quartz, and sodalite. This is among the higher chakras that help in enabling individuals to be imaginative, and to be highly perceptive of the material and the spiritual world around them.



Crown Chakra Symbol:


The Crown Chakra Symbol is that of an intricate lotus flower consisting of a thousand petals, which symbolizes the many layers that one must peel through to be able to perceive the divine wisdom. This chakra symbols is concerned about making individuals feel one with the world, and bask in the glory of realization of the divine wisdom while being aware of their temporal surroundings. The chakra color for this chakra is the violet, and its associated element is information. The associated gemstones for this chakra are quite a few including diamond, amethyst, moonstone, white opal, moss agate, white chalcedony, and desert rose.




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