Chakra Colors

According to the ancient Hindu/Buddhist traditions, there exist multiple nodal points for vital energy in the subtle body, which is different from the physical body in the sense that it is beyond the realm of the five senses. The Sanskrit name for these essential energy nodal points is Chakra which translates into ‘wheels’ but a more apt description of these energy centers is vortex or whirlpool through which vital energy radiate out of the body into the surroundings. Any impediment in the flow of this vital energy through the energy centers can lead to a variety of shortcomings in the personality and behavior of the person concerned, which makes it so very essential to get a proper understanding of their nature and proper functioning.

The Colors of the Chakra play an essential role in the working of these energy centers because they reflect upon the true nature of each of these chakras. The subtle body has many chakras, but seven of them are of primary importance. Each of these chakras have a particular chakra color, with the first three having varying shades of red due to their connection with the more basal aspect of one’s nature, while the heart chakra sports green being the color of nature.



1. Root Chakra / Muladhara Chakra Colors


The Muladhara Chakra is the most earth-centered chakra of all, and it represents the beliefs and learning that people have received through their formative years, as well as, emotional strength to survive in future life. This chakra plays a significant role in maintaining the feeling of self-preservation through acts of personal survival, as well as, enabling people to identify their existence with that of the physical world surrounding them. Thus, a well functioning Root Chakra helps in ensuring that the concerned individuals are able to enjoy a thriving connection with their family and community, as well as, the global community in large.

According to the Chakra Colors, this being one of the rooted chakras, and its color is that of the most pulsating, Raw Red. The color radiates with the visceral primitive power, and enables individuals to revel in the blast of raw creativity power. The color of this chakra indicates its power in propelling any person forward, and endowing them with well-defined emotional, physical, and spiritual prowess. On the other hand, any impediment in the proper functioning of this chakra can lead to an emotional void, and a lingering disconnect with parents, siblings, and all other people who are present during the formative years of any person. (read more about Muladhara Chakra)



2. Sacral Chakra / Swadhisthana Chakra Colors

Swadhishthana ChakraThe Sacral Chakra is the second of the three chakras that are present in the bottom half of the body, and plays a crucial role in determining some of the most primitive aspects in a person’s life and personality. This chakra exerts its influence upon relationships, sexuality, creativity, money, and control. Therefore, it is bound to plan an immensely significant role in determining how successful a person turns out to be both in their personal and professional life, as well as, how well do they fare while interacting with members of the opposite sex in their endeavor to forge lasting relationships.

According to the Chakra Colors, this chakra bears the Orange chakra color, which indicates a movement towards increasing sophistication from the primeval rawness of the first chakra. The orange shade signifies the growing tide of creativity in person, which allows them to mould their raw, primitive powers, and create something wonderful. It is also the place where they are able to appreciate and embrace the polarity of opposites, as well as, conjugate. Proper functioning of this chakra is essential for ensuring that people are able to forge new relationships and also be able to develop better control over their mind and body. (read more about Swadhisthana Chakra)



3. Solar Plexus Chakra / Manipura Chakra Colors


Manipura ChakraThe Solar Plexus Chakra plays the essential role of connecting individuals with their sense of self-dignity, and allows them to grow the capability of claiming their own unique spot. This chakra is integral to enabling individuals to understand more about their place in their world because of its role in establishing connection between people and their external world. Moreover, this chakra is the seat for the development of the sense of self-confidence and honor, which is essential for being a success in both personal and professional life. Proper functioning of this chakra endows individuals with a keen awareness about their personal power and potential in life.

According to the Chakra Colors, the characteristic color of this chakra is Yellow. This chakra is at the center of the energy flow in the body, and personifies the growing enlightenment about the self-perception. This specialized perception allows individuals to grow their personal capabilities, and be on the path towards fulfilling their destiny. This chakra acts as the balance between the functioning of the upper and the lower three chakras, and is instrumental in ensuring that people act as per their potential. Any blockage in this chakra can lead to lack of self-esteem and ability to dream and act big in life. (read more about Manipura Chakra)



4. Heart Chakra / Anahata Chakra Colors


Anahata ChakraThe Heart Chakra acts as the integration point of all the seven major chakras in the body, and it is instrumental in ensuring that people are able to visualize all the possibilities that await them in both the internal and the external world. This chakra endows individuals with the ability to feel compassionate to the pain and need of others, while also endowing them with a heightened sense of wisdom about life in general. In fact, this chakra is truly unique in possessing both the sacred mark, which is a mark of the divine, as well as, the intuition of the Mother.

According to the Chakra Colors, the color of this chakra is Green which stands for all the promises of new growth and beginning that this chakra signifies. In fact, the Anahata Chakra is a great dispatcher of information, and combined with the vital function heart performs in the physical body, this chakra acts as the fulcrum of the entire human existence. This chakra also acts as the gateway to the higher chakras, and its proper functioning is essential for ensuring the ideal balance between intellect and emotion in any person. Any blockage in this chakra can lead to a lot of selfishness and lack of empathy.



5. Throat Chakra / Vishuddha Chakra Colors


Vishuddha chakraThe Throat Chakra plays an extremely important role in deciding the nature of the choice, will power, as well as, communicative power present in any individual. This chakra indicates the ability of any individual to communicate with others, and develop the ability to hear and to be heard with equal impact. However, since everything, that a person utters does not always bring them peace and success, this chakra also helps in striking the balance between what is said and what is left unsaid. Thus, proper functioning of this chakra helps individuals in gaining better control over their communication skills, and ensures that they use it to the very best of their abilities to the right end.

According to the Chakra Color, the characteristic color of this chakra is Blue which serves as an apt choice for the nature of this chakra. The blue chakra colors serve as the ideal symbol for the sea of opportunities that this chakra reveals to people in every issue they perceive as a problem, and allows them to make the best use of their resources towards that every end. Proper functioning of this chakra helps people in making a stand in life and for them to avoid getting trampled under the thoughts and visions of others.



6. Third Eye Chakra / Ajna Chakra Colors


Ajna ChakraThe Third Eye Chakra is responsible for the development of the intuition, as well as, the ability for the individual to see beyond the mundane. This chakra serves as the center point for the growth of divine vision and wisdom, and serves as the spiritual eye that seeks only truth and nothing but the truth. This chakra enables people to close their physical eyes and visualize the world through the spiritual perception alone. It enables individuals to allow their intuition to become their most trusted guide. Thus, proper functioning of this chakra allows individuals to be able to become perceptive of the reflection that come their way from the outer world, and then accept those reflections in a loving manner.

According to the Chakra Colors, the Indigo hue is the characteristic color of the Third Eye Chakra. This color is reminiscent of the oceanic shades, and represents the infinite depth of awareness and contemplation that this chakra signifies. In ways, it is oddly reminiscent of the Root Chakra, and represents awareness in a more refined and spiritual context. Moreover, this chakra enables people to visualize the big picture, and be imaginative in all their endeavors in life.



7. Crown Chakra / Sahasrara Chakra Colors


Sahasrara ChakraThe Crown Chakra is the most spiritual of all the chakras, and it is serves as the direct connection between the Creator and His creations, i.e. god and humans. The location of the chakra is at the top of the head, and a 1000 petal lotus symbolizes it. The life force of the divine being penetrates the subtle body at this point, and then moves forward through the body to vitalize the other energy centers of chakras that are present in the body. In fact, this chakra serves as the portal that inspires humans to feel the strong connection between themselves and the Divinity, and allows them to revel in the existence of the divine grace.

As according to the Colors Chakra, Violet is the color of the 1000 petal lotus that symbolizes the Sahasrara Chakra in the subtle body. This chakra color signifies the eternal opening of the petals of the lotus to reveal the true meaning of existence and be perceptive of the grace of God. It allows individuals to move beyond the mundane level of existence and understand the grand flow of divine provenance that is happening all the time. Proper functioning of this chakra ensures perfect balance between the longing for spiritual awakening and inspiration to succeed in the physical world.



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